San Pietroburgo 22 aprile  2019
Creativity, prompted by a philosophy of art that lives in each of us, allows us to avoid self-centeredness through a communication not only given by the work itself but also by the modality, inserted in the immanent philosophy of the individual, an inseparable part of humanity . The symbiosis with nature helps us to understand creativity as a process of eternal becoming, like the trees that put new leaves and flowers for reproduction in spring, creativity is a process of natural growth in absolute truth. When does the process get sick? When it separates the natural creativity from the modality and therefore from the science, creating an excess of personalism by popular acclamation. Here a good convinced communication, mediated by nature, helps us to remain an integral part of it. Basically nature must be preserved because we are nature ourselves. Free thoughts on the humanism-nature relationship denote humanistic leaps in the method; as a flower emerges, as a storm arrives, as the sun is born, so thought is revealed in the complete symbiosis of man with nature and the art of painting, sculpture, architecture, in regional and national craftsmanship. Two states that speak are a point in favor of evolution; they are an expression of truth. Thus creativity is part of humanity since the cave paintings of humanity. It's in the DNA of our life. Today we live in a global world that is making us forget the centrality of nature and art as a human character. The conquest of humanism is the understanding of this point: it is not persecution, the flesh transforms itself and dies but what the intellect studies makes us feel alive without the need for the counter between good and evil. Yes, I have now formulated the futuristic becoming of discourse in the form of an artistic work, of free thoughts between them, the fruit of creativity.



21013 Gallarate VA, Italia


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